Seafood is an important part of any healthy, balanced diet.

Australians - on average - eat around 1 serve of seafood per week, but the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend at least 2 serves of seafood per week.

Gram for gram, fish is among the lowest fat, highest protein foods available. Whilst low in the saturated fats that contribute to heart disease, seafood is generally high in fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, essential for growth and a healthy brain and nervous system.

Most seafood is low in cholesterol, but high in vitamins A, B, E & D and minerals, such as Iodine and Calcium - all vital to maintaining the body in good health.

As an important part of a “mediterranean type diet”, seafood has been shown to assist in reducing the severity and symptoms of heart disease.*

*Source: “What’s So Healthy About Seafood” Australian Government FR&DC and Australian Seafood Industry Council.

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