We take our responsibilities to the environment and future generations seriously, and have a commitment to promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly, ecologically sound practices.

We have engaged with Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, an independent non-government organisation driving sustainable seafood and marine conservation. Our Rock Lobster fishery is a world leader in sustainable practice, and was recently re-certified as ecologically sustainable for another 5 years by the Marine Stewardship Council. Our New Zealand products are sourced from sustainable, locally managed fisheries.

We resolve to protect our fisheries, and the broader environment, as outlined in the Kailis Bros Environmental Protection Policy.

Kailis Bros is proud to be a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). APC is an agreement between companies in the supply chain and all levels of Government to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging by encouraging improvements in packaging design, higher recycling rates and better stewardship of packaging.


At Kailis Bros, our objective is to ensure that we operate to world’s best practice in environmental protection and harm minimisation. This has been and is continually achieved by adherence to the following processes:

  • Minimise the risk of on-site and off-site contamination through appropriate storage, treatment and handling of chemicals and wastes.
  • Ensure and maintain efficient management of Power and Water facilities.
  • Minimise volumes and types of waste generated through ongoing recycling processes (fish waste, packaging – both cardboard and plastic).
  • Minimise the use of chemicals through alternative sanitisation practices (through the use of enzymes).
  • Package goods so as to minimize the long term impact of their supply and use.
  • Only utilize equipment and systems that comply with Australian and Internationally recognised environmental standards.
  • Procure goods from environmentally managed supply sources.
















Kailis Bros has been awarded the attached Silver Certificate from the Water Corporation for achieving water consumption savings between 25% and 35% of historical baseline consumption over the preceding year.


The total consumption reduction realized by WEMP participants in WA was 7.92 Gigalitre (7,920,000,000lt=3500 olympic size swimming) Kailis Bros is part of the group of approximately 100 organizations that consume over 20 million litres each per annum We consume between 65 and 85 million lt at Catalano Rd annually- approx. 200,000 lt per day

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